Accountability is such a strong word. And in these millennial times it’s a word that is often NEVER used. So many cliches and phrases in our day that actually promote the opposite. In our day accountability is viewed more as a way to be “trapped,” or “watched” or “controlled.”

“You Only Live Once” (YOLO)

“Get it How you live.”

“It is what it is.”

The list goes on…….

“Only God can judge me.”

 Ironically, we have all seen accountability somewhere in our life at some point. In school, there are report cards that helps keep the student accountable to the parent concerning their education. There are jobs and organizations we have linked ourselves too where there is a JOB DESCRIPTION and if you do not perform to the STANDARD of the JOB DESCRIPTION you run the risk of PERFORMANCE warnings and possibly TERMINATION. How can you terminate a person without holding them accountable first?

Accountability is ALSO a strong indicator of PRIORITY. If it is important, you do your BEST to be accountable to it (whatever “it” is). Adjusting your time management, and rescheduling unimportant tasks are all DISPLAYS of priority in accountability. And guess what? There is nothing wrong with being accountable.

BUT what if OUR accountability is linked to someone else’s freedom? What if our NEGLIGENCE has the potential to destroy a people? See accountability is okay when we are speaking for just US, but have you considered the level of responsibility God has called his CHOSEN GENERATION to take on? Throughout history God would ENLIST insignificant people to become LEGENDS of faith!! And one of the THINGS that set them apart was not JUST their insignificance…………it was their level of accountability.

Noah did ALL God commanded him concerning the Ark. All the down way to the dimensions of the ark. The Ark was a 120 year BUILDING PROJECT!! Just imagine trying to fit all those animals into a ship that was too small! Or trying to navigate through the flood for FOURTY DAYS without enough wood and other things needed to make the ship STRONG and durable. The human race owes its continued existence to this man named Noah! (Gen. 6-8)

Moses had to return to a responsibility he messed up the first time. The deliverer in him rose up when he saw his Isrealite brother being beaten, but OUR weapons aren’t carnal right?  Killing the Egyptian made him a fugitive. While living a PEACEFUL farmer’s life, in a place called Midian, he was told to go BACK to the people that laughed at his mistake!! The assignment he FORGOT, or just IGNORED……he still had to go back to. The freedom of a nation stood in the obedience of a fugitive with a speech problem. (Exodus 2-4)

When God calls, we must be accountable. For the sake of our people, the ones God has called us to reach; we MUST be accountable!! THEIR freedom depends on it. There are grave dangers to dodging the assignment. Leading people isn’t easy, and the household of faith is a TOTALLY DIFFERENT level of extra, but that is what God has called us to Reform.

No more spiritual negligence.

No more fault finding and malicious exposure.

No more excuses.

No more rebellion.

No more lies.

 Abram cursed a NATION due to his LACK of accountability concerning his wife. Stating that she was his sister to prevent being killed by Abimilech (Gen. 20). A lie that led to a breakout plague. Abram acted in fear and therefore others suffered the consequences. Accountability to God is the inability to remain selfish. It is the pursuit of God’s will for our life that leads us to souls. These souls are in need of direction and hope. Let’s be accountable to God and enjoy the adventure God has in store for us. The fear of man will paralyze your purpose, but there is freedom in putting Kingdom things before ANYTHING ELSE and walking with God. Their freedom depends on your accountability. Let’s be responsible with God’s call.

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