Heeding The Voice of God (Influence and Authority)

Heeding the Voice of God”

“Time after time, when the king of Syria was at war against the Israelites, he met with his officers and announced, “I’ve decided where we will set up camp.” Each time, Elisha would send this warning to the king of Israel: “Don’t go near there. That’s where the Syrian troops have set up camp.””  2 Kings 6:8-9 (CEV)

  • Elisha and the King- 

The King is at War with the Syrian army or Aram in Hebrew. 

-The King’s SECRET to being successful in battle is his obedience to the Prophet or the “Man of God.” 

King represents Israel.

The Prophet represents the Voice of God.

  • The man of God WARNS Him of places the enemy has set up camp, and tells him to AVOID those places. 
  • The accuracy of the man of God (Prophet) means NOTHING if we don’t take heed and OBEY! 
  • The King understood that NO VOICE is more important than the voice of God! He could have dishonored the prophet, locked him up, did like King Saul and did things his own way, BUT he reverenced the VOICE of God and the prophetic office God anointed! 
  • Don’t take the voice of God lightly. It will save your life!

Two Major Problems with Hearing the Voice of God:

1.)Recognizing it’s Influence and 2.)Respecting It’s Authority

-Influence (noun)-the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.

-We are letting the wrong voices influence us:

-Family voice, society voice, economic voice, work voice, social media voice, relational influence, DEMONIC voice, TV voice, music voice, 

-Every Voice can NOT influence us! As children of God only the Voice of God should be able influence us!

-TRUST IN THE LORD with all your heart and LEAN NOT to your own understanding. (Why? Our own understanding comes from all these different voices….we become spiritually schizophrenic, trying to be everywhere at one time and do everything at one time, and please everybody at ONE TIME) 

-IN ALL THY WAYS acknowledge Him and He SHALL direct (guide, show, reveal, INFLUENCE) your path!! 

-Authority of the Voice of God:
Authority- 1 the power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience.    3 the power to influence others, especially because of one’s commanding manner or one’s recognized knowledge about something.

People will not follow what they don’t respect. 

-Today’s world has made the voice of God a joke… a fairy-tale, some emotional experience that is used to manipulate people. But in actuality the voice of God is the open expression of the WILL OF GOD. 

-Today’s society doesn’t walk in the FEAR of God like it should. 

Gods people nowadays, we think of the Kingdom of God as  a democracy. 

We are wrong. The Kingdom of God is a THEOCRACY meaning that all things are working or ordained by AND for the Plan of God! 

  • We can’t just do what we wanna do! We live and breathe and have victory because of the Voice of God. Without God’s voice we are just existing…….
  • IF YOU CLAIM you are in the Kingdom of God or BUILDING the Kingdom of God its God’s WILL and God’s WAY! 
  • The King of Isreal KNEW that God’s voice was more important than position, title, and his earthly accolades. (humility)

Just imagine what shape the Israelite nation would be in if the King was lifted up in pride and had no respect for the Voice of God!! No matter how great OR small, we have to listen to the Voice of God.

DONT be so lifted in pride and rebellion that you lose respect for the influence and authority of God’s voice! God is talking….are you listening?

A. Ward

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