Prayer Journal 3/29/2020


As this day has come, we know that it is a day we give you the glory and come together as a body to worship. Even though we are in an uncertain time, we are grateful that the Gospel has not been put in a box! Your Word is STILL being declared!! And more so now because technology allows us!! 

Your Word gives light and life! We declare that Your Word will free someone today! Someone will look to Jesus that never has before! Someone will have hope even in the midst of crisis, fear, and discouragement. 

Let your teachings come alive!! And let us be ready and hungry for what You are saying.

In Jesus Name,


Psalm 119:130  Understanding your word brings light to the minds of ordinary people.

Psalm 119:131  I honestly want to know everything you teach.

Psam 119:132  Think about me and be kind, just as you are to everyone who loves your name.

Psalm 119:133  Keep your promise and don’t let me stumble or let sin control my life. (CEV)

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