Prayer Journal 4/14/2020

The Seed that Becomes a Harvest 1

1 Corinthians 15:36-37 (CEV)

36  Don’t be foolish. A seed must die before it can sprout from the ground.

37  Wheat seeds and all other seeds look different from the sprouts that come up.

No resurrection can happen until something DIES!

Death is very much a part of spiritual growth as living. 

In fact, when the Lord GOD prophesied the coming of Jesus, He used a word called SEED.

(Genesis 3:15) 

Seed is a common theme in scripture.


Seed is a KINGDOM principle with multiple symbols and types in Scripture that TEACH us how to become what God has called us to be.

A man carries seed. That seed enters a woman and comes out different.

Seed goes into the ground, and it comes up different. 

It enters into a place and it dies out to its old form.

In the ground the seed transforms…….it sheds the old identity and becomes something new, something stronger! It emerges from the earth with a new purpose and a new power!! It LOOKS different!!

Jesus entered the tomb battered, beaten, and lifeless. When He emerged, He was untouchable!! Radiant in the Glory and Power of God!! 

Don’t dodge the process of death and burial!! God wants to use your life, your story, for His Glory!  But in order for Him to do that there are things we have to die out too! You have to be DIFFERENT.  The process of death and transformation according to God’s Word can be mind-blowing, and often a painful process. There will be issues we will have to come to grips with; attitudes, mindsets, ideologies, false perceptions, bitterness, procrastination, unforgiveness….etc. And quite frankly, if we are not honest this process won’t benefit us. But if we submit to the death process…..God can shape us into something powerful. 

………More Later



Thank you for Your plans, Your schematics, your ways and thoughts. They are higher than ours, and Your will is such a river of learning and understanding. Thank You for the opportunity You have given us…..You have chosen us to be Your people, and offered us the invitation into Your Kingdom.

Help us to submit to Your process of dying out. Forsaking our own hurts and wants, we need transformation!! We need HEALING!! Help us to be honest with ourselves as You already see us for who we REALLY ARE! Give us strength for this journey. Jesus we are nothing without You, and we can’t go through this process without You. Give us grace to endure the TRUTH this process may reveal. 

In Jesus Name,


-Min. Antony (Tony) Ward

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