Prayer Journal 5/1/2020 #TrustIssues

Proverbs 3:5 (CEV)

5 With all your heart you must trust the LORD and not your own judgment.

Why are we so afraid? What is stopping us from letting the Lord really take control of our life? Can we be honest? Can we be transparent? Why can’t God be the one ordering our steps and pushing us to victory? What is the problem?


Quite frankly, if we are honest with ourselves…..we have trust issues. Like…..How can we trust God for finances and healing, but not be trusted with our future and direction for our life? He’s a #waymaker but is He not also a SHEPHERD? Is He not a GOOD FATHER? REAL dad’s say NO! REAL dad’s say wait! Are we afraid to trust His “no”and His “wait?”

We all have areas in our life where we don’t trust God as we should. There are places in our heart and existence that we just DON’T want God to mess with!! We SAY we do! And then when He starts meddling, we block Him off….WHY? Because we think THAT part of our life we have control! We think we are good in that area! A sign that a person trusts their own understanding over God’s in parts of their life, is that they never allow God to be MANIFESTED in that area! We see no joy, no peace, no fruit, no provision, no conviction…all we see is US!


I submit to you today: We must identify the areas where we try to keep control and power and ask God to help us trust Him there! The area that we are hiding and keeping from God is also the SAME area that He is trying to CHANGE! It won’t change if we WONT TRUST! What you THINK you know could be stopping the Power of God in that area!


Father, THANK YOU! We see your track record and we know that trusting You yields Godly results! Godly manifestations and we want to see this in EVERY part of our lives! It’s imperative in this time and season…..that we lean on You more than our own desires and judgement. We submit to You those areas that we have determined to operate in flesh! We submit our natural and carnal understanding to Your supernatural Authority! Forgive us for not being submitted totally to You! Break the insecurities and set us free! We know that Your plans for us, are greater than what we can ask or imagine…..

In Jesus Name, Amen

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