The Weakest Link

“Stay joined to me, and I will stay joined to you. Just as a branch cannot produce fruit unless it stays joined to the vine, you cannot produce fruit unless you stay joined to me.” John 15:4 CEV

A lot of what we experience in this life is based on our connections. Connections are representative of relationships. The strength of connection, is mirrored in the strength of relationship. Family grows stronger because of connection. Businesses thrive due to the right connections. Unity and peace is promoted when there is a GOOD connection. Without connections being cultivated, we block out the possibility of growth and ACCESS to greater things.

When I was younger there was a phrase that became popular : “You are the weakest link. GOODBYE.” It was super funny and due to it being a game show that came on television that statement became very popular. LOL We would run around school telling people “You are the weakest link, GOODBYE” and then start laughing……That game show was based upon a more WEIGHTY statement: “You are only as strong as your weakest link.”

In our life there is no connection that is more valuable than our connection to Christ. The believer has to understand that this connection is LIFE!* Living without God is death to the believer. The truth about our connection to Christ is that this connection gives access, knowledge and resource. Our Savior doesn’t come into our existence empty- handed! He brings His Spirit, His provision, His direction, His knowledge, His character! Most importantly: ACCESS. Through our connection to Him and through Him, we can ACCESS His abundant life* and take hold of the AUTHORITY He affords us when we abide in Him.

This (our connection to God) is not the connection to ignore! The vine transfers nutrients, resources, and life to the branches. If the branch is separated from the vine it cannot LIVE! What is obstructing the connection to God in your life? What’s getting in the way? What is hindering the flow of anointing, and joy that comes from being connected to Christ?

There are connections that benefit us and others that we need to let go of (cut-off). Proper evaluation of each connection is necessary, but make sure you KNOW the best relationship/connection you will ever have is Christ! The beautiful thing is, when we breach the connection and become “the weakest link,” He NEVER says goodbye🙌🏾.

*John 10:10

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