#BibleJournaling- Trusting God’s Decisions

“Samuel told Eli everything. Then Eli said, “He is the LORD, and he will do what’s right. 1 Samuel 3:18 CEV

There are no board meetings in Heaven. No polls to go vote, no liberals or conservatives…no political parties and campaign endorsements. All decision making and sovereignty belongs to the Lord! Often we are praying and asking Him to adjust His decision making concerning our lives, when truthfully His mind has already been made up concerning us. It’s called HIS WILL. Let’s be honest, things happened around us that we want to question God about: A loved one that passed, hardship and heartache, COVID-19, you name it…Many questions come into play….Why would God allow this? Why is He punishing me!? The true test of faith is not waiting on the decision that you prayed for. The hardest test is accepting God’s sovereignty!

The Lord gives and the Lord taketh away!*

1 Samuel 3:18 Bible Journal Key Characters:

1.)Samuel – young prophet in training for the service of the temple/ministry. -Samuel had to deliver bad news that came from the throne of God at a young age. -Prophecy is not always good news. -God isn’t always speaking blessings or good things. Often God gives correction! But He corrects who He loves!* So even in correction He is still helping us see and endure His will..

2.)Eli- High Priest and MENTOR to Samuel. -Spiritual authority over Israel. -Chosen by God yet disobedient concerning his own children (Phineas and Hophni).*

——>Samuel has to deliver not a message of hope, but a judgement of God that is directed to his Mentor…..just imagine how awkward THIS must have been for the young man. Imagine the nerves, the fear, the anxiety that could have come attached with this task! It’s not fun being drafted to give BAD NEWS!

Or was it bad news?

Eli knew his sons were taking advantage of the priesthood.* They were dishonoring the people and God and even though Eli never handled them the way that he should….he understood God’s decision making. Eli understood how precious and how ROYAL the priests office was, so God coming to clean house was no surprise. A lot of what happens in our life is due to the things we IGNORE or refuse to handle. Eli accepted and understood that God was protecting His honor and standing by His righteousness. Even when we think He is wrong, His will is right.

*1 Samuel 2:12, 1Samuel 3:14, Revelation 3:19, Job 1:21

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