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-Samuel did not stop serving Eli just because He received a WORD AGAINST the HOUSE of Eli! Why? He was too young, immature, and untrained. (I Samuel 3)

-David still served, knowing that King Saul was being tormented by an evil spirit FROM GOD! Why? It was not his time to rule. He was just a soldier. (*1 Samuel 16)

Both men represented a SHIFT or change of season for Israel.

Before Samuel no one heard from God directly!* Samuel’s accuracy was so on point the Bible says NONE of His words fell to the ground! But the time of training from Eli was paramount to Samuel’s growth and success!! Just imagine if Samuel would have been disrespectful to Eli after he received the Word God gave Him concerning Eli’s house! Samuel was not old enough to know or understand what was happening, so he still had to submit to Eli’s teachings and guidance!

David the son of Jesse was just a shepherd handling his responsibilities when he was anointed King. Word of his musicianship reached the courts of King Saul, and he was asked to play for him. Saul is tormented by an evil spirit FROM GOD! Even though David is anointed the next king of Israel AND the CURRENT king is CURSED David still served. As a musician and as a soldier. He even spared Saul’s life when he had every right and opportunity to kill him.

There are still things we can learn from leaders that have missed the mark. Just because they failed does not mean we STOP serving! Discernment is needed for when your time of serving has ended!!

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