#Rhema4Lunch Podcast Notes

Full Episode link: https://anchor.fm/rhema4lunch/episodes/Fan-Vs–Disciple-efvgj8

**Disclaimer- This is a challenge for growth. Not to belittle anyone, or make anyone feel condemned.

-In today’s church culture, there are essentially two groups of people:

-Fans and Disciples.

Mat 4:19 (MKJV) And He said to them, Follow Me, and I will MAKE you fishers of men.

-Those that are cheering and those that are being MADE!!

Fans WATCH, Disciples FOLLOW….

Key thoughts about Fans:

1.) Fans like the experience but choose to go home…..

-They literally have no responsibility or accountability to the object or person they are cheering on.

-The connection is based more so on praise rather than purpose.

2.) Fans can be supportive but not submitted.

-Cheering him on, but not respecting his authority.

-Without submission there is no acceptance of responsibility.

-Adjustments aren’t important, they are just ideas.

The Fan and the disciple have one thing in common: The experience!

Key thoughts about Disciples-

1.) Disciples submit to the MOLDING process.


-Adjustments are ESSENTIAL

-Sacrifice is a way of LIFE….(Present your bodies a LIVING sacrifice)

2.) Adopt the vision

Your objective becomes MY objective, your views become MY views, your precepts and principles become MY principles, your desires become MY desires…etc

Check out the discussion here: https://anchor.fm/rhema4lunch/episodes/Fan-Vs–Disciple-efvgj8

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