Pandemic Talk:You Are What You Eat #Rhema4Lunch

Notes from the #Rhema4Lunch podcast.

Pandemic Talk: (You Are What You Eat)

Eating is important: sustains life, builds strength…etc. 

Natural man – Spiritual Man

Intake- What are you taking in?

  • -This season God is concerned about our time consumption and what we are opening our spirits too!

-We wrestle not against flesh and blood….(Ephesians 6:12)

Some of these agendas, news outlets, conspiracies, have their roots in a spirit. Bitternes, Division, Violence……there are spirits at work. Deception is at an all time high…the spirit of death, ALSO the spirit of the rebel (rebellion) PRIDE…..

  • BE CAREFUL…what you feed yourself right now….what you feed yourself could affect those emotions or the soulish realm…(heart/soul is desperately wicked)

Excretion- What are you kicking out or eliminating? 

-Are you pushing it out? What AM I getting RID OF?

-Harmful toxins if not processed properly and kicked out, can cause future damage!!

-What you Hold in….can DESTROY YOU (bitterness, not forgiving, jealousy, etc…)

-The hardest thing to do is UNLEARN something…….

-A lot of us have been programmed in areas of our life….(experience, environment, circumstances, odds, generational ditches/gliches….)

Metabolism-  The process that your body uses  to convert what you take in to energy. (Hearers and not doers)

  • Take it in and make it a PART of you!
  • There are speeds to metabolism (the faster the better). 
  • It’s imperative that we process and apply what it is being fed to us, and what God is showing us during this unique time period. Make every attempt to DIGEST what God is teaching you! 
  • There will be random signs, visions, and weird movements in the Spirit….do your best to go with the flow and be open to the voice and will of God. 

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