A group of “haters” stopped Jesus to question him concerning his RIGHTS and authority to preach, teach and perform miracles. 🙄😑

Jesus did not defend his ministry, He didn’t explain His goals, ambitions, and He did not try to PROVE He was the Messiah. He simply asked them a question.

“John’s baptism? Was it Kingdom (from Heaven)? Or was it from man?” They had no answer, because everything John the Baptist did was authentically anointed! To some He was a prophet…to God He was the forerunner! The “wild man” in the dessert was revered in Heaven AND EARTH as the authentic “voice crying in the wilderness.”

🗣Stop 🛑 EXPLAINING YOURSELF!! Let the authentic oil on your life testify of God’s hand and authority in your being!

Jesus said I don’t owe you an explanation of my authority….since you obviously don’t know the works of the Kingdom anyway😎😎

godfidence #fridaymood #friday #fridaymotivation #authentic #anointing #jesuschrist #johnthebaptist #happyfriday #oil #kingdom

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