Prayer Journal: Priorities 11/30/2020

“We make time for what is important to us!”


_We are thankful for the ability to reach you, thank you, and touch you in prayer. You are an ever present help, always ready to care for us and bear our burdens. Thank you…We are often tired, and unable to carry our problems alone, we can cast our cares on you for you care for us..

-Father, we seek you concerning our priorities and what we make most important in our lives. We are surrounded by so many involvements and distractions, and sometimes these commitments cause us to put off Your things. Times of reading, devotion, prayer and worship have become almost unavailable, as we have gotten more and more busy and occupied….

_Help us to remember that You are more important than any other thing in our life! Your will, Your Presence….the highlights of our day, and the drive of our existence. Forgive us for erecting idols, and delaying consecration…forgive us for being distracted…and also just plain selfish. You are our Source. Without You we are losing power, love and stability….grant us the hunger needed, the humility needed….make you IMPORTANT again.

Everything that is in the way…of Your time, and Your things….we ask that you help us identify them…and put them in their proper place.

You first….everything else follows…..

In Jesus Name


-Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness….(Matthew 6:34)

-As the deer panteth…(Psalm 42:1)

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