Reality: I won’t always FEEL like praising God!

“Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted within me? hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God.” Psalms 42:11 (KJV)

We will not always FEEL like praising God.

David is having a hard time praising God.

(The impact of that statement right?)

-David is a songwriter! The word Psalmist has been coined because of David’s ability to write praise and worship songs to God! And yet at this moment, he is having soul problems. This is the same guy that said “praise looks GOOD on the upright!” -Psalm 33:1

Here is the reality: We will not always feel like praising God.

As good and merciful as He has been, there will be times where what is happening around us will try to rob us of our thanks and glory to God! The WEIGHT of our earthly experiences tend to bring fatigue, and frustration, honestly making us overwhelmed and downright unpleasant. Your mood ever been off when trying to worship? Ever felt exhausted while trying your best to spend time with God?

David is weary from being consistently taunted concerning His God after so many run ins with naysayers, doubters, and people of very little faith…David’s soul is drained and not really in a PRAISE mood in this current Psalm! You ever been drained? So drained that heaviness sets in, and you seem to not have the energy to celebrate the goodness of God? I appreciate this Psalm because of David’s honesty and vulnerability here:

1.) He speaks to his soul in third person. ( Now regardless of how we like to ACT like we don’t talk to ourselves, we ALL know that’s a lie! At some point each day, we have some form conversation with ourselves…)

-David starts examining his emotions, and/or soulish realm. WHY are you so down? What’s the problem?

2.) To combat this vulnerability He recounts the goodness of God.

-So many times, the emotions that leave us frightened, misunderstood, and/or depressed come from a place called despair. Despair only sees what is going wrong with very little attention given to what God has already shown to us!! Sometimes you have to flashback to that testimony, that miracle that brought you through before.

3.) David pep talks HIMSELF! To better position his emotions!

-Psalm 42:11 says Hope in God! FOR I SHALL YET PRAISE HIM…

It’s the YET PRAISE HIM for me!

David chose to praise God REGARDLESS of how he felt! Even emotions have to be checked when it comes to giving God glory! If we don’t pay attention, our “feelings” can rob us of our praise….Will you YET praise Him? Regardless of how you have felt or currently feeling? Will you talk yourself into a praise? Focus on what the Lord has already proven to you about Himself? When life’s circumstances and haters scream “Where is your God?”

Show them…YET praise Him. He is not only your source, but He is also your God.


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