Foundations pt. 1

Lately, God has been dealing with me concerning foundation and building. The wonderful thing about this teaching is it really has no ending.

-Building is always creative and always ongoing….you ever seen your grandparents continue to add on to their house, every year? The one thing that never changes though is the foundation.

Matthew 7:24-27

First things first: Jesus said sayings of MINE!

Jesus attached a covenant to His word! He said if you hear AND do them! God’s word is the foundation, the slab, that we start construction 🚧 of our lives and futures with!!

Why is our foundation (Christ) important??

1.) A strong foundation helps establish authority! People don’t know who they are, nor their God-given authority because of a WEAK foundation.

-our daughters don’t understand authority because of weak and faulty foundation that is teaching them their appearance is their worth….

-our sons don’t understand becoming men and protecting their women, and loving as Christ loves the church; due to weak foundation!

2.) Foundation unlocks talents/abilities.

👉🏾prayer has to be taught before prayer warriors are deployed.

👉🏾soul-winning has to be taught before evangelists and missionaries are deployed.

👉🏾worship has to be taught before we can have experiences BEHIND the veil!! (Imagine an uneducated/untrained/unprepared priest in the Holy of Holies’🤔😳

-line upon line precept upon precept

3.) Foundation has a language; TRUTH.

-The truth shall make you free.

👉🏾Spiritual warfare is essentially two battles: Light/Truth vs. Darkness/Lie

👉🏾The Bible says plainly that Satan is the FATHER of lies!!

👉🏾Nothing established on a lie will last.

4.)Strong Foundation starts with the acknowledgment of man’s depravity.

You have to see your need for a foundation to reap the benefits of foundation.

👉🏾Wisdom teaches that foundation is the most IMPORTANT part of the building process….

👉🏾How are we building anything on SAND unless we are not TAUGHT that SAND WONT STAND!

5.) Foundation is non-negotiable….

👉🏾If we skip addition, how will we subtract?

👉🏾If we skip spelling how in the WORLD we gonna right a sentence?

👉🏾If we can’t write a paragraph, why would we TRY to write an ESSAY!

6.) PAY ATTENTION‼️‼️‼️ BOTH FOUNDATIONS experienced the same elements/attacks…(vs. 25-27)


👉🏾question is: will the house you are building STAND when the testing happens?

The foundation is built to ESTABLISH (secure) the house from washing away when the times of testing come!

Floods rains and winds are all elements that are meant to TEST the strength of the house!

EVERY HOUSE is tested…

🙌🏾😁Ok More later…..Min. Ward

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