Before we start on the Journey

Before we start our reading in John’s Gospel on 1/10, let’s look at some helpful information that will make the journey through John easier!

➡️John’s Gospel is often called the “Theological Gospel”

-Theology basically means the study of God…. Theo-diety, God; logy-the study of

➡️John gives the purpose of his book (John 20:31)

1.) Jesus is the Christ, The Son of God,

2.)By believing THIS TRUTH of Jesus you may have LIFE through His Name.

➡️Comparison to the other Gospels:

1.)John’s focus areas of ministry in his book is around Judea and Jerusalem. Not in Galilee like the others.

2.)John records 3 Passover visits to the temple; the others only report one.

3.) John focuses more on his teachings and less on his doings. (The Last Supper is three chapters.)

🚨Repetitive theological terms (light, word, darkness, belief, unbelief, faith, born, Son of God, life, glory)

“The Apostle of Love”

➡️John’s writings were meant to reveal God’s Love for us

-Also our love for others as believers

➡️John’s transformation- From Volatile to sensitive

-Wanted chief places in the Kingdom (Matthew 20:20-28)

-Sought to call down fire from heaven (Luke 9:51-55)

Keep this in mind!!

➡️Helpful Reading Tip: John’s writings follow a pattern;

1.)Someone asks Jesus a question, he answers brief.

2.)The listeners misunderstand and Jesus breaks down his response and teaches them.

Guys, I can’t explain how excited I am to read with you and receive the revelation God has for us!! I will be sharing more notes, facts, insights on what we read so that we can grow together!! As you read…ask the Holy Spirit to teach you and you will find that there is so much information in the word of God!! Our fast is tomorrow and I will be asking God to blow our heads off with, revelation and restoration as we read this book!! Min. A. Ward signing off!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾 #letsgo

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