Watch God Provide!

Provision is not foreign to God. His ideas always have a realm of supply that naturally we don’t see right away! Imagine Abram finding out he would have children, but his wife is unable to carry. OR the thoughts running through his head when he was told to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience!!

Personally, I am glad that Abram (Abraham) could obey God at such a level. And therefore, he is called the father of the faith! Father Abraham (as we affectionately call him in Sunday School😁) had some things going for him that we must pay attention too:

1.) Abram had a visitation/experience with God! It’s really hard to do God’s will without His presence! Often we try to get to God through religious traditions, that LACK God’s presence! 🔔Ask God to give you an experience with Him!

2.) Abram started moving toward God’s promises with urgency! After he was told to go look for the land God promised, Abram PACKED UP THE CAMP and started moving. 🔔Just because God gives us a word doesn’t mean we sit around until that word comes to pass! You gotta make moves!

3.) Abram embraced covenant!

🔔Today’s teachers and preachers portray a Gospel where we get what we want because God is obligated. WRONG! Anything God does for us is due to His commitment to His covenant! Covenant is the place of alignment with God that ignores our convenience! Nowadays (yup I said it) people approach Gods word with a self centered motive, and AS SOON as God doesn’t give us what we want, we become angry and walk away from God. THATS NOT COVENANT! Covenant means wether I agree with His decision, LIKE His decision, or even UNDERSTAND his decision….I’m not going to turn away from God!

There is a saying: “You learn a lot about people when you tell them no.”

Abram (Abraham) made PLENTY of mistakes on the journey of becoming the man God called Him to be. He lied, took matters in his own hands, yet these 3 things kept him in the provision of God. God is not slack concerning His promises. Best believe if He promised it…He has the provision for it! God’s provision is yours! In Jesus Name!!

Peace and Blessings family🙌🏾

Min. A. Ward

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