Psalm 24:3-6
Genesis 32:22-32

Jacob is alone (posture). He is afraid. He has to face up with who he was. He has asked God for help.
God meets Him, but not in the form of help. God meets him with aggression.
‼️God is aggressively marking the seekers. There is no option, no backup plan. God is not playing with us anymore!

-Jacob wrestled. (Got dirty, dusty)
[אָבַק] vb. denom. Niph. wrestle (get dusty).

They wrestled until the breaking of day.
Breaking – vb. go up, ascend, climb —1. of persons, go up, ascend, in local relations: a. from low place to high,
——While Jacob is wrestling, he is actually ascending. While He is wrestling his location in the Spirit is CHANGING!

Prayer Points:

1.)God free us from apathy and the apathetic culture when it comes to the Kingdom of God. (Religion)
-the bare minimum

ap·a·thy | ˈapəTHē |
lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern:

-Hebrews 11:6; Psalm 42:1-2

2.) God grant us determination, grit, and spiritual stamina.

-Galatians 6:7-9, Proverbs 24:10 (adversity= tight, narrow, tribulation, trouble)

So that we can ascend to a new place in the Spirit.
-New location, new identity, new authority, new victory

3.)Help us to discern the face of God.

The face of God is also the Presence of God!

-Psalm 24:6, Genesis 35:9-15, Genesis 15

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