Prayer Journal

Prayer Journal

Act 6:4  But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the word.

A group of “haters” stopped Jesus to question him concerning his RIGHTS and authority to preach, teach and perform miracles. 🙄😑 Jesus did not defend his ministry, He didn’t explain His goals, ambitions, and He did not try to PROVE He was the Messiah. He simply asked them a question. “John’s baptism? Was it Kingdom … Continue reading

#Godfidence: New Life

The hardest thing to do oftentimes is start over. As cute as it sounds, it’s can be a eye-opening experience 😳!Letting go of old places, people, and habits isn’t easy but NECESSARY if you want the life that God promised you!! In order to plant 🌱 the new we have to UPROOT ⛏ the old! … Continue reading #Godfidence: New Life

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